I have been working on South Padre Island since 1997 and moved here with my family on a permanent basis in 2005.  I have also been a tourist coming to south padre since 1975.  I started working on South Padre Island on The Villas of South Padre development.  I am the owner Willis Development & Construction, a partner and president of Troy Giles Realty and Management and a Partner in SPI Rentals.  These businesses serve the construction, real estate sales, property management and property rental industries.  We employee 15+ employees on South Padre Island.


Since 2006, I have served on the Planning and Zoning Committee, of which I am currently Chairman, the Capital Improvement Committee and I served on the Fire Station Finance Committee.


I trust in principles that I believe to be highly beneficial to South Padre Island.  I believe that we need to be stronger when it comes to supporting our local businesses along with the development of new business.  I believe that tourism, as our number one industry, is extremely important to the survival and growth of South Padre Island and it needs to be fortified and bolstered.  I believe that we need to spend a concerted effort on the continuation of the beautification of our streets and our buildings, realizing this is a harsh environment but understanding that most communities and visitors focus on the quality of their surroundings.  I believe that if the city, its employees, and its citizens treat South Padre Island with the highest respect then we, as a community, will be able to provide our more than five-million-annual visitors with the best experience possible and they will be more likely to form an appreciation and a love of the island.


South Padre Island is growing rapidly, challenging its leadership to make bold and decisive decisions that have lasting impacts.  I am running for City Council because South Padre Island needs to have the leadership in place that can manage this growth reasonably and responsibly while being fiscally prudent. I bring a vast knowledge of working with both private and public sectors and am successful in creating collaborative relationships with both.  I am deeply rooted in this community as a business owner and a property owner and will work hard to ensure that our community continues to flourish.